Hany Shaker

Hany Shaker

Hani shaker, Egyptian singer composer and actor, born on the 21st of December 1952 in Cairo, Egypt. his first beginnings in the music world started when he learned to play the piano when he was a child

His mother stood by him all the way and she trained him. He graduated from school in the 70's and thereafter he studied music in the Egyptian Conservatoire. His first song was written by Mohammed El Mougi "Helwa ya Dounya" . Big legends of the Arab world acknowledged his talent and supported him; he claims that Abdel Halim Hafez influenced him the most.
His Lebanese fans give him the name of "Heartbreaker singer", he has been very popular in Lebanon after the concert he participated in and which was of big success and drew his good reputation in the Arab world. He has almost 20 albums, we mention some of his greatest accomplishment s: Maak,  Baashak Dehketik, Ya ritni, Garhi ana…he has more than 255 songs. One of his best video clips was for the song "Bahebbak ya ghali". In February 2007 he released a duet with Sherine titled "Qalbi leek"; it was one of the greatest successes, Hani Shaker and Sherine both joined there romantic and warm voices in a masterpiece.  Hani Shaker, similarly to many Egyptian singers, involved in acting but specially in romantic movies. He has a very special style, so romantic and sensitive voice that sends shivering to the heart and joy to the soul. He has also written many of his own songs, a whole album titled "Albi malou" with 8 songs within.

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