Hatem Fahmi

Hatem Fahmi

Hatem Fahmi, the Egyptian singer, was born on February 26, in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. His real name is Hatem Nabil Ahmed Fahmy; though he was born in Saudi Arabia but he is from Egyptian origins.    Hatem Fahmy studied at the Naval Academy, but he loved singing and art; he equalized between his studies and work in the field of art and singing.  Hatem Fahmi issued the album "Mish men ha2ek" that met great success, the audience knew him through this album and loved his voice that led his success in the music business

Hatem Fahmy shot 2 video clips for this album, the song that bears the name of the album and the song "Tefre2 Ma'aya". The second album was released in 2007 entitled "Saddikini"  Hatem Fahmy dealt with the "Good News 4 Music" production company since his debut in the world of art.    Hatem Fahmy won numerous awards and appreciations; he received a certificate of appreciation on the album "Saddekni" from the University of Cairo, and an honoring for his cooperation with the Egyptian-European Office of Youth Development and on the overall work of his magnificent art.    Hatem Fahmi also participated in many concerts and festivals, in addition to his appearances in TV and radio programs.  

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