Hatem Iraqi

Hatem Iraqi

 'Hatem Iraqi' was born on March 20, 1969 in the revolutionary capital, in Baghdad, his real name is Hatem Abbas Frawi. Hatem Iraqi has a very talented voice

He used to sing Mawaweel, and he became famous when he declared that he will sing, and take singing as his career. He was popular for singing the Shaabi Arabic style and this made him a top singer during the nineties, he ranked first in the referendums on the Iraqi TV stations. From his small town and during Tarab gatherings, new songs were born in the glimpse of time and he used to record them in the modest studios of his hometown. His tapes were sold quickly and spread rapidly in the market. Hatem Iraqi was distinguished for his popular songs which has a sad tone and other Mawaweel in the days of drought, hunger, repression and cruelty exposed during the unjust siege imposed on Iraq. His songs and lyrics were a way to escape from the worries and sorrows of that difficult time.
Hatem Iraqi is a singer, composer, lyricist, and performer. Hatem is known for his long career and successful one which began in late 1990s. Hatem Iraqi releaseded a wide range of albums entitled "Cocktail" in 2002, "Al Mhajer" in 2005, and "Ya Ter" in 2006 produced by Melody and then he joined the production company Noujoum Lel Entaj Al Fanni with whom he released his album “Rayeh" in 2008, and "El Donya Ma Teswa"in 2010. Hatem participated in many international festivals. The Iraqi artist Hatem joined Rotana, the largest production company in the Arab world, where he produced the album entitled "Zakarnakom" in 2012.
Hatem Iraqi has filmed many successful video clips, we recall, "Ya Ter" in 2006 which was filmed in Egypt. During his career, Hatem Iraqi sang with a lot of Arabic singers like the songs “Hala 3eny” with Kazem El Saher, and many other artists like Mohannad Mohsen and Walid Al Shami. Hatem Iraqi has also composed many Arabic songs for many artists, including singer Shatha Hassoun, Saber Al Rubai, Fayez Al Saeed, Rahma Riyad … Hatem Iraqi is considered a universal artist due to the fact that he performs modern music mixed with the words of Iraq, and to the fact that he has a truly exceptional talent.

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