Haitham Yousif

Haitham Yousif

 Haitham Youssef’s real name is Haitham Abed Youssef; he is a famous Iraqi singer with a wide popularity. He is one of the biggest singers known for his romantic voice; he is nicknamed “Prince of Love” (Amir El hobb)

Haitham was born on 29 November 1969 in the city of Baghdad, from a Christian Iraqi family, which is fromed from 7 sons and they live in the Zayouna Baghdadiya.
At a young age, he was fond of art and loved to sing, but he was confused between art and sports, he used to play with several football teams and most famous clubs in Iraq. However, Haitham Yousif chose to follow a musical career and joined in 1983 a children’s Iraqi band "Ahbab Al Ka2ed" and starred from his childhood in a duet with another child other "Muhannad Muhsin" in the song “Yabu El Fersan”.
His first song was titled “Ma Asal7ak” which was broadcasted on the Iraqi television in 1989. Haitham Youssef recorded his first album in 1992 entitled "Ya Nas Er7amo B7ali". The real breakthrough was with the song titled "3aneed," which met great success. In 1994 "Haitham Yousif" was chosen as the best singer in Iraq in a referendum conducted by the Iraqi youth channel, as well as his song " Ya Nas Er7amo B7ali " was selected as the best song of 1994.
Haitham Youssed still continues singing romantic Arabic songs until this day.
The Iraqi singer, Haitham Youssef resides now in the Jordanian capital Amman and performs at several concerts for the Iraqi community in America, Europe, Australia and Canada and in several Arab countries.

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