Helwe W Kezabi

 Arabic Comedy Series "7elwe w Kezzabi" (Sweet & Liar) starring Dalida Khalil and the artist Ziad Burji, written by Carine Rizkalla, directed by Saif Sheikh Najib.
Broadcast on MTV every Sunday after the news bulletin at 8:45 PM Beirut Time.
The story line revolves around a beautiful young woman "Dalida" who loves lies, especially when trying to draw the attention of the artist Ramzi Deeb (Ziad Burji), whom she loves and won an invitation to dinner with him. Dalida made Ramzi believe that she is the daughter of Millionaire man and in return Ramzi admired her for her beauty and the fact of being rich ...
Will a love affair rise between the young beautiful and liar girl and the famous artist?

Main Actors of Helwi W Kezabi: Ziad Burji, Dalida Khalil

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