In a family who is engaged in music and art, "Hind Bloushi" was born in 1985 in Kuwait.

Hind started her musical career through the series "Zeenat Al Hayat" in 2005

The artist Ahmed Alderhan discovered Hind when she was accompanied by her sister May, who preceded her in the art field and is considered one of the famous artists. Hind was present to assist her sister in performing her role.
The series "Al Lakita" was the real start of Hind and after it, offers started to pour in her way. Despite the news about Hind's personal life which is punctuated by many problems, she is now ranking among the top young artists in Kuwait and the Gulf.
One of the most important other offers made to her was "Wesee Sidrak" with the artist Tariq Ali and "Al Karya" with the  prominent artist Hayat El Fahed, and this was the real chance for Hind to shine on a star level, not only in Kuwait but also at the level of the Gulf.
Hind was nominated for many awards, for the overwhelming success she achieved in the roles she carried out, but unfortunately she did not get any of them.
Hind made a number of plays in 2007: "Al Bayt Baytak" with the artist Tariq El Ali and "Ashbah Em Aali" with the artist "Intisar" and "Al Shirah wa AlAkel", and a play for the children "Ghazlan wa Malek Al Feran" with the artist "Hoda Hsein".

The latest works of Hind Baloushi "Ouyoun El Hobb" (Eyes of Love) presented in the month of Ramadan 2008 and has achieved great success.
Hind showed her very beautiful singing voice when participating in the 13th "Kareen Cultural Festival" in 2006; she was one of the several famous young artists to sing in this Kuwaiti event. She also performed with her sister a song entitled "Aamoud El Bayt" dedicated to their deceased father, and the song "Habibitna Kuwait" performed in the National Day 2008.
And it should be noted that Hind has sang with her beautiful voice many songs in the plays she performed.

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