Hussam Al Rassam

Hussam Al Rassam

Hussam Mahmoud Hashem is the same person holding the name Hussam Al Rassam, the Iraqi singer, who was born in March 29, 1978 in Hilla, Iraq.
What distinguishes him from other Iraqi singers is that Hossam Al Rassam is known for songs addressed to the Iraqi people in general, from which some are national and sang in the Iraqi dialect.
After he finished his studies at the elementary and middle school in the city of Hilla, in Babil, Iraq, he joined the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, 1996

He learned the art of painting. He graduated in 2003 from the Institute to enter later in the Academy of Fine Arts, but this time in the music major and he deeply studied and played the lute.

He drop-out  of school and traveled from Iraq to begin his artistic career from a place more secure, where he finds more peaceful  conditions and to get away from the precarious situation experienced by Iraq.

Hossam's Albums chart songs is composed from heritage and the Iraqi Mouwel and beautiful Iraqi songs. From his albums: Ofakker beek, Ya Tabib, El Khayala, Ilak Il Hiba, Mawawil, Mashkoura, Jamalek Soumary and other albums. His first video clip was for the song: Men Zaalak Men, and it's shooting was in Syria. This is how Hossam began his musical career, he complements it and is still persistent in it.

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