Hussein Al Jasmi

Hussein Al Jasmi

Hussein Al Jasmi was born in the UAE on 21-9-1979, not married and traveling is one of his hobbies. His career as an artist meets with this hobby

Hussein began his career through meetings he used to perform on the UAE television. When he was seven years old, he drew everyone's attention with his remarkable voice which is embraced with compassion, tenderness, and warmth.

After its astonishment, "Rotana Cooperation" adopted Hussein Al Jasmi and he appeared for the first time in the musical field when he launched his first album in 2002. He received the admiration of the public and their satisfaction. From the songs that were hits in his first album: "Bawadaak" and "Safer"

Hussein did not just stick to producing albums, he was also singing songs in the TV series and he showed in a number of festivals: Salalah Festival in Oman, Dubai Festival and lately in Hala Febrayer Festival in Kuwait.

Of all the artists, Hussein was marked by his selection of the words, music and composition of his songs that have showed as unique and new in the world of singing and art.

There is no doubt that Hussein's voice emanates from the depths of the heart, his voice is typically the right one for the UAE songs, in his content and purely without distortion. He even sang Moroccan song and that was in the right way, too.

Such a voice cannot be passed through without stopping on its greatness. Husse Al Jamsi stepped on many obstacles to achieve a difficult equation, but the success of the record owes struggling.

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