Iwan, a Lebanese singer, his real name is Mohamed Baasery. Though he was born in Saida, Lebanon on the 17th of August but he is of Palestinian origins

He was born in a family with two brothers and one sister, and he acquired his pleasant voice from his mother. Iwan's musical career has nothing to do with the studies he made. First, he got his degree in Hotel Management from the Lebanese University and his ambitions carried him to the way of progress where Iwan has decided to continue his studies and plan for his Master in Business Administration. Furthermore, he studied in the music conservatory to build up a strong voice and learn well the techniques of singing. Iwan developed his voice through singing in the school and university events. After the termination of the military service, he wrote the first lyrics of the song which he was well known through "Oul Inshalah".
Iwan has contributed to the work of other Lebanese singers. He wrote a song for Carol Samaha, and he composed music for Fares Karam and Basima. Iwan's song "Oul Inchallah" is a remake of a song for the German-Greek singer Despina Vandi “Deste Mou Ta Matia”. He has released its video clip with the direction of Walid Nassif. Iwan is very talented and enjoys writing and composing his own songs. "Zanbi Eh" was his second booming song. His album entitled "Alby Sahran" released in summer 2004 was the production of Melody Music with which he signed a contract. Iwan shot his hit single “Khadtaha” with Yehia Saadeh. As Iwan has composed songs in his early career to other singers, he continued this profession for many others like Ghadi, Maria, Nesreen, Nora Rahal, Reeda… His endowment to music and artistic life led him to take part in movie shooting, and this time as an actor in the Movie entitled Haflet Mout directed by Ahmad Yosri, starring Mohammad Riad, Haidi Karam, Iyad Nassar  and many others.
Iwan has been linked to music, lyrics, videos, movies…Iwan Arabic music is being reached to millions of his fans from around the world, they enjoy Iwan video clips and his special look.

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