Jacques Minas

Jacques Minas

Jacques Minas, a Lebanese German singer, was born in Beirut from a Lebanese father and Turkish mother. He left his home country Lebanon in 1991, and went to Germany with his parents, two brothers and sister

 Jacques Minas debut in the world of art began with modeling, then he became a make-up artist and he was later on known as a hairdresser…until he finally discovered his music talents.   Jacques Minas took singing lessons from prominent vocal teachers in Germany. He loved music and his dream was to be a popular singer. He speaks Arabic, German, English, Turkish and Armenian. Jacques Minas worked hard on his singing endowment and released his first album in 2008 with Fern Music production. Jacques Minas album titled “Awal Layle” holds 8 Arabic songs, and he shot a video clip for his song ”Touedni”.   Jacques Minas performed in many concerts in Germany and was interviewed by the largest German radio stations. His album “Teoudni” was Album of the Week for three consecutive weeks in tunetribearabia.com.   In 2009, Jacques Minas released his single “Enta Habibi” with the production of Peter Sebastian. His song became very popular and through it, Jacques Minas was the first Lebanese singer who entered the German chart lists; his song was number 19 in web.tv charts.    He also sang for the great legend Warda Al Jazeirya : Jacques Minas singing The Legend Warda. In May 2013, he released his song Bhebb El Hayat and later in September 2013 he published his video clip under the direction of Fawaz Al-Sanaty.  

In 2016, Jacques Minas released a song titled "Shou Baddak BiMouyouli"   

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