Jannat was born on the 6th of January in Morocco. Since her childhood, at the age of five, Jannat used to listen to Tarab songs: Songs of Oum Kalthoum, songs of Abdel Wahab and many other great Arabic singers.  Her family noticed her great voice, and encouraged her talent

At the age of eight, it was the first time when Jannat sang on the stage, where she participated in a singing competition in Morocco. Jannat performed in numerous other competitions and won many first prizes. 

After her graduation in Business Administration and Marketing, Jannat began working far away from the world of business and closer to the world of art. In 2004, Jannat released her song "Afhemni Habibi" and she shot of video clip for this song. In 2005, Jannat signed a contract with the producer Ahmad El Dsouki and released after a year of preparation her album "Elly Beni w Benak" in 2006. 

Jannat album 2009 titled “Hob Emtilak” includes one of her best hits “Ana Donyetoh” for which she filmed a video clip.

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