Jawaher was born in Sudan. The Sudanese singer Jawaher started her career when she was 14-year-old and in the city of Port Sudan. 
Jawaher participated in school parties at the end of each academic year

Later, Jawaher attended the Technical Institute to learn music. Jawahar then decided to move to Cairo, since it was the best place to become a star. 

Jawaher is known by the songs she performs, a form of combination between Nubian songs and Saaiidi songs, which is characterized by Sudanese dialect. 

From Jawaher songs: Bet'oul eh, Mesh Bel Sahel, Meen Al, Albi El Haneen, Habibi ana Lek, Esm Habibak Eh, Bomboni, ElYomen Dol, Shams El Ghouroub, Samara, 3al Corniche ... and many other songs 

Jawaher  participated in many concerts and festivals in Egypt and abroad, and the fans loved her songs.

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