Joe Ashkar

Joe Ashkar

 Joe Ashkar, Lebanese singer, released his first hit album in 2001 entitled "Shou byemna3" and the song with the title of the CD was the Arab song that roamed the world for a long time and was considered the best Arabic song on the dance floor.    The second album by the artist Joe Ashkar carried the title "Maza Kalou" , the third one was "Sha2i3at" and he released other Arabic albums "Malek w Sultan" and others ...    Joe Ashkar recorded many Arabic songs and shot many video clips "La3younek", "Waynek", "Malek w Sultan", "Ma reed", "Bethebeny wala kalam", "Ba3tal Hammik" ...    In 2009, Joe Ashkar won The MTV MUSIC AWARD for the best Arabian act in Berlin, Germany– an international appreciation to his talent and hard work.   Joe has also a duo record in his archive. "La sahar sahar” that was recorded as a duo with the singer Hana’ Al Idrisi.    After he sang in restaurants and nightclubs, Joe Ashkar felt as if he did not reach his full potential, he went to the wide world of art, to the world fame, and proved to merit being famous

Joe Ashkar enjoys the nightlife of Beirut and meets his fans at his own club Casino in Achrafieh.  He's described as the "artist throws parties as if every night is the last night."   Joe Ashkar has laso dedicated an Arabic song for weddings, which was played in many Lebanese weddings:  “Habibet Albi” , it was an exceptional hit that is still being played in all romantic occasions. In 2011, he released his hit single “Sayerlo” and then in 2012 he dedicated a special Arabic song for Mother's Day “ Ya Emmi”.    

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