Julia Boutros

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Julia Boutros

 Lebanese singer Julia Boutros was born on April 1, 1968. Julia started singing in the school choir, and when she was seventeen years old, she sang her first song "Ghabet Shams El 7a22" and this song was a great success not only in Lebanon but in all Arab countries.    Julia Boutros released numerous problems: Weyn msafer in 1987, 7ikayet 3atab in 1991, Ya 2esas 1994, El karar 1996, Shi ghareeb in 1998, Bisara7a in 2000, La B2a7lamak 2004 , T3awwadna 3leyk 2006, A7iba2i 2006 .

.    Julia Boutros won many awards from Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Qatar ... And of course, from Lebanon like the Cedars Award of Lebanon from the President of the Lebanese Republic.    After the July war, Julia Boutros established project "A7iba2i" and it was a series of concerts from which the revenues were donated to the families of the martyrs who were killed in the war.

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