Kazem El Saher

Kazem El Saher

Kazem El Saher, Iraqi singer and songwriter, born on the 12th of September, 1961 in Mosul, Iraq. He sacrificed in his childhood to reach his dream and accomplish what he always thought of.  He grew up in a family of 10 children, and his father worked in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces

His parents didn’t like the idea of following a musical career, they wanted him to be secure since they have lived a solid life. Later, his mother stood by him and even his brothers because he used to write good poems that they sent to their paramours.  At the age of 10, he sold his bike to buy a guitar to practice. He started writing his own lyrics at age of 12. He then switched to the Oud and started singing. At the age of 21 he was enrolled in Baghdad's music Academy for six years.  He faced many troubles with the style of his songs and lyrics, they even censored one of his songs "Ladghat Hayya", due to war. He refused to change any word and he proved himself when his song was put on the news all over. He launched his first album in 1989 and left to USA the same year. He then lived in Baghdad where he wrote "Fi Madrast l Hobb" from Nizar Qabbani's poem. He was very affected by his homeland's war. He settled in Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Cairo, he roamed the Arab world yet he was cored in the Iraqi music and tradition.  In 1998 he released his album with EMI "ana wa laila". He was honoured in britain & USA. He got the Canadian citizenship. He always repeated to the press that: " Iraqis are good". Kathem's songs were rich in lyrics and loaded with romantic music. He participated in festivals all around the world, Jerash, Kartaj, Egypt, Greece, USA…he has more than 17 albums, 11 of which with Rotana (Ghazal, La Ya Sadiki, Salamtak min l Ah, Ana wa Layla, Habibati wal matar,… Entaha el meshwar, Yawmiyat Rajol) and over 18 video clips.  He sang along with Sarah Brightman a song titled "The War is Over".  
Kazem is a man of history and proud. He sold more than 30 million albums since his beginning. He has been successful like no one before.

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