Khaled Abdulrahman

Khaled Abdulrahman

 Khaled Abdel Rahman is a Saudi Arabian singer who first began singing with his friends during their trips, and he had learned to play the violin. After this trip, he started releasing his own songs, he composed and recorded them

He sold his songs in the market but with a replica labeling.    The request of these registrations increased in the stores, and the demand increased more and more. He used to refuse the registration of the songs he performed in his trips, but his friends recorded them without his knowledge and distributed them in the market, they always surprised him. And Khaled Abdel Rahman soon became known through his beautiful voice and high morals.    Under the pressure and insistence of his family and friends, Khaled Abdel Rahman released his first album entitled "Sarehni". Khaled Abdul Rahman planed for many works, but the costs were the obstacle in his way, so he packed his luggage and went to Cairo, where he worked on his songs, and after the completion, he returned to Riyadh to produce them with a production company.    From Khaled Abdel-Rahman songs: Bakaya jrou7, afrak, intazartoh, risala ila m3ak, law baket, mouwade3, jawher biladi, samiriyat, ahat, bilika2 al3amalika, saf7a jdideh, 3aked w siwar, albak kbir, ou3ani, ya hajiri, twada3na, terwi, absem lak, moujazef, ashartani ya ghala, wajh el maraya, mithl l 3asal, diwan el 3ata, and he released a patriotic album in which the most famous song was “Muslim Arabi s3oudi rafe3 elbayrak 3asa 3ezzoh yadoum”    

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