LBC America

 The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation has started on 23 August 1985 and it was the first private television station in Lebanon. 

LBC has passed through lot of difficulties during the Lebanese war and was forced to relocate its equipment to various areas. Its current location is in Adma, Lebanon. 
After a period of time, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation launched a satellite channel in April 1996, and it should be mentioned that it deals with one of the best working group and has the best technological equipment, works in a modern scope and it broadcasts 22 hours a day.
 Following the launch of the satellite channel in three months, it has begun broadcasting in new countries: LBC Europe, LBC America, and LBC Australia. 
Due to its high attractiveness, LBC has succeeded in getting audience from all around the world, the fact that encouraged the station to broadcast abroad. 
LBC America attracts the Arab people living in USA, as well as non-Arab audience. The Arabic speaking community in America long to hear Arabic news and Arabic programs, and LBC provides them with a wide variety of programs to satisfy their thirst to the Arab world.