Latifa was born on February 14 in Tunis, her father was a contractor, she has a sister and five brothers and her mother lived in America. She lived a nice simple childhood and since she was small she enrolled in the children coral, school activities, and the time where she started singing seriously at the stage was in her secondary years of studies, where she was given the opportunity by her teacher Toufic to participate with the great artist Osama Farhat in school events

By accident, during the concert Latifa met with the great Tunisian artist Ali Alseraiti who helped her build her talent and started giving her music lessons and playing the violin every day.
In 1978, Latifa participated in a program of talent and the club awarded her as the best singer, and after she represented Tunisia at the festival "The Third Arab Youth" in Iraq, at the nomination of the Tunisian Ministry of Culture to represent Tunisia. Latifa then joined the Human Sciences Faculty of the Academy of Arts and continued her studies until she gained her masters.

Since the beginning of her musical career, the Tunisian Latifa had the chance to deal with top poets and composers and big names in the Arab world and the world, such as Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Nizar Qabbani, Baligh Hamdi, Kazem El Saher, Ziad Rahbani and others ...
Latifa worked on dozens of music albums in various colors and dialects, such as: Ana Aarfa, Byekzeb, Kinna Zaman, Marina, Inshaa allah, Tloumni el dounya , Safar, Malek , Jereh, Take me I am yours, AlHawa, Zayy el bahr, Al wada3. Al Aashikin, Bi noss l jaw, and many other songs. And the French song Inshaa allah has made great success, and ranked first in Europe, as  well as her English song which was very known in America.

In addition to singing, she had an experience in acting in one movie entitled "Soukoutt Hansawar" in 2001 with the Egyptian director Youssef Chahine.
And from there, she went into the world of the stage and acted in a play, starring a role in "Hekem El Re3yan" of the late artist Mansour Al Rahbani, and it was the first time that Latifa sings a nice Lebanese dialect.

Latifa won many awards and the most famous one was the World Music Award in 2004. She performed also in many concerts and festivals and in the largest theaters in various countries.

Far away from art and closer to human life, Latifa Al Tounisiya created in 2005 a Latifa Charitable Foundation to support the Arab world and countries.

Latifa is a great person and great artist!!!

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