Be Net2abel


Song name: "Be Netabel" (We meet up)

Album: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)

Lyrics by: Ahmad Abdulmin'em

Composed by: Mody Gamal

Arranged by: Hani Ya'aqoub

Produced by: Latisol 2014

Distributor: Mazzika & Watary

English Translation:

We meet up and we get loud...

Our eyes tears up while we are in pain...

He tells me to forget it and I tell him to forget me

We break apart then we miss each other and apologize

And we say that we are learning from our mistakes..

We will never ever do that again!

And everyday we get tough on each other..

We leave determining on breaking apart!

Then we look at each other's eyes and forget all about it!

Eventually we belong to each other!

We meet up and we tell each other hurtful things..

Then we leave without greeting each other!

And we decide to end our relationship!

Then we break apart and in a moment we miss each other and turn around

Then we laugh and we keep talking...

Without blaming each other about anything!