Ya Hayati Ana Jambak


 Oh baby I am next to you...

Finally the universe is laughing to me

I took an oath on my eye..

To not see the universe only through your eyes

Be happy my heart...

The love of your nights is next to me

Play the drums for me, I am happy from the bottom of my heart

Because my feelings are overwhelming I don't know what to say

I am crazy in your love and I will not get back to my senses

The universe looks beautiful in my eyes

What's between your eyes and me

Is a moment I lived all of my life dreaming of..

Being with you!

Don't say a word nor whisper

I don't want to hear any sound

Listen to my heart and what it's saying

My life with you is either being a life or dead

While I am with you...

I don't want even a second to pass by