Ye2ol Kerehni


Song name: "Yeól Kerehni" (He says he hates me)

Album: "Ahla Haga Fiya" (The most beautiful thing about me)

Lyrics by: Mohammad AlGhunaimi

Composed by: Moody Gamal

Arranged by: Danny

Produced by: Latisol 2014

Distributor: Mazzika & Watary

English Translation:

It's been two days since he disappeared!

My heart is scared and worried about him!

It's not one of his habits to leave me alone for two days!

I ask people about him but they never answer!

What do they know and I don't?

What are they hiding and why they remain silent?!

Is he ok and comfortable or what?

I want to know what's wrong with him?

How did he have enough strength to leave me for two days without asking about me?!

But he shouldn't let me wondering for this long about what's happened to him!

Even if he came and said that he hates me, I will forgive him and accept it!

While he is away I had no precious people!

And for who shall I keep living for?!

Between my love to him and his toughness I am dying!

I can't stand it and what should I do about it?!

Everything in my life revolves around him!

Without him, life is silent and have no melody!