Loai, Egyptian singer, was born in Egypt on June 19, he loved singing and had a passion for music, the fact that served the release of wonderful Arabic songs that the audience liked and waited. The beginning Louai’s career was with the song "Ah Ya Leli Ya Ein” which was adored by the public. Louai second work was waited for by many..

but obstacles with the production company has delayed the issuance of his second album, until he released it in 2006 entitle "Meen Hayegdar".    Louai was working with the production company “Mirage”, but they soon separated and he continued his work with the production company Berameda which is now producing his music.    Louai performed in many live concerts and maintained a good relation with his fans who waited patiently for his songs, and his appearance in many of TV programs. Louai flew towards stardom and fame and so he will always be.

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