Majida El Roumi

Majida El Roumi

 Majida El Roumi, Lebanese singer, was born in December 13, 1956 in Kfarshima. Her father Halim El Roumi was a musician who studied in Egypt and who made contacts with many singers and poets

The family El Roumi was surrounded in an environment of music and different cultural forms. Majida El Roumi used to listen to great singers like Fairuz, Umm qulthum, Wadih El Safi.  Having a musical talent, Majida participated in Studio El Fan, a musical program broadcasted on Tele Liban at that time. She had many people around her who supported her, especially her cousin who believed a great future for Majida. Majida El Roumy sang Ya touyour, Ana Albi Dalili and Layali el ouns.  She had proved her strong voice and won a gold medal. Majida El Roumi studied Arabic literature in the Lebanese university, and proudly wrote song lyrics. Between her studies and the musical career and her family, Majida always gave priority for her family. She did not run off the war incidents in Lebanon, and thus from her experience, she got attached more and more to her beloved country Lebanon, and dedicated many national songs. One of her biggest hits was the song " Aam Behlamak Ya Helm Ya lebnan", written by the great poet Said Akel and composed by Elias Rahbani.  People and fans from the whole Arab world and from everywhere bow to her prominence, and blindly believe that Majida is capable of raising the Lebanese music and crowning it on top of all other Arabic music. She has conquered a special place in people's hearts, because she deals with humanitarian issues in a very faithful way. She has been respected by many and named "UN Goodwill Ambassador". Majida El Roumi has performed in numerous festivals and concerts worldwide, since she has become a symbol of the Lebanese art and Lebanese music. She sang in festivals of Beiteddine, Jerash, Bosra and Carthage as well as the Cairo Opera House, in the opening ceremony of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006. Majida El Roumi albums:  Majida El Roumi (1977), Live Recordings (1982), And the Children (1983), Dawi Ya Amar (1987), Ya Saken Afkari (1988), Kalimat (1991), Ibhath Anni (1994), Rasa'el (1996), Ouhibbouka Wa Baad (1998), Cithare Du Ciel (Qitharat Al Sama') (2003),  Erhamni Ya Allah (2003), E'tazalt El Gharam (2006). Majida El Roumi also took part in a film directed by Youssef Chahine "Awdat al ibn il dal". And she has also shot video clips for her songs, like "3tazalt el gharam", one of the most successful video clips ever made.   The diva Majida El Roumi is an everlasting pride to Lebanon, a promising future that lightens the world with her voice by inner peace and serenity.    

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