While I was saying goodbye to you

You were hard on me...

But I listened

When you walked away...

Farewell you said, and disappeared...

I felt like you took my eyes with you!

My love; because of the absence

My youth has faded out

And the smile...

Which used to have a place in our eyes, is gone

And my affection ran to get you back...

You took my eyes with you...

From years,

our hands are still marked on the cinchona

And beneath the tree, there are those rocks

Which we used to sit on a lot...

If you see them now with all the dust,

Your heart will be broken

And the sun, in the golden sea, seems tired

And love's cheek didn't smell lilies' scent this year

And when you went away,

You took with you the love and the good living

Oh how selfish you are!!