Makadi Nahas

Makadi Nahas

Makadi Nahas was born in Jordan; since she was little kid she used to listen to Fairuz and Makadi was also affected by the Family Rahbani.
The artist and musician Ziad Rahbani was astonished at the resemblance between Fairuz's voice and the artist Makadi Nahhas which was so clear and obvious

Makadi Nahhas studied music at the Lebanese Conservatoire and gained a degree in singing. And in addition to music, she studied theater art in the Lebanese University.
To apply what she learned, Makadi Nahhas participated in Lebanese plays, where she sang and acted at the same time: "AlMakfouf", "Al Ayadi Al Kazira".
Makadi's learning of theater art doesn't mean her orientation is just being an actress. She loves art, and because art is more important to her, she did supplementary studies just to strengthen her appearance on the stage.

Makadi Nahhas sang Iraqi songs; she likes singing the Iraqi type and style of songs. She performed in many concerts, and recorded these songs on CDs, having noted the strong interaction of the audience and the passion for this kind of songs.

The artist Makadi Nahhas had many songs from a variety of traditional songs and classical songs: "Ahouwa Da Lli kan", "Aedni", "Ahwak", "Shou Hal Iyam", "Amman", "Layla", "Mrein" … and others.

For the human freedom and dignity, in traditional songs and other classics, Makadi Nahhas sang and succeeded in her music life. Her voice similar to that of the great Lebanese singer Feyrouz wouldn't but enhance and boost her success.

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