Marcel Khalife

Marcel Khalife

In the village of Amshit in Mount Lebanon and in 1950 the artist was born Marcel Khalife. This composer, singer and musician is the most important artist in the Arab world

Marcel Khalife is eminent in the quality of songs that he makes, he always endows with the national songs and his style is characterized by integration between Arab music and Western musical instruments. Marcel has the tools that are not owned by other artists.
Marcel Khalifa was from the people who had joined the Communist Party and holding the Palestinian issue as a cause for their music.

In the seventies and eighties, Marcel Khalifa launched the phenomenon singing the national poems of Palestin through composing music for the first poem of the poet Mahmoud Darwish, where a woman meets with the beloved Earth. And one most famous poem, "Wou3oud min al 3asifa" "Rita wa al boundoukiya" and continued the work with the poem "Oummi", "Jawaz safar", which was one of the most beautiful poems that is keeps being repeated by the Arab public who shouts from struggling.

Marcel Khalife worked with other composers and poets, such as Habib Sadiq, Talal Haidar, and others. He was able to enter a saxophone to the Arabic music through his songs.

From the nineties until now, we feel an inclination in Marcel's work, he stayed away from singing and approached lyrics of music and recorded musical video of the play of Abdul Halim Karkala

Marcel Khalife led an orchestra in 2003, in which he sings his songs. And in 2005 he was named by UNESCO as "Ambassador of Peace".

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