Marcel Khalife - Ommi Lyrics

Arabic-English Translation of Oummi Song - Marcel Khalife

I long for my mother's bread

And my mother's coffee

And my mother's touch...

My childhood grows within me

Day after day

I love my life because

If I died,

I would be embarassed by my mother's tears

Take me, if i return one day

As a scarf for your lashes

And cover my bones with grass

Baptized by the purity of your heel

Tie me up

With a lock of hair

With a thread that points to the tail of your dress

Perhaps I will become a god

A god I would become

If I felt the bottom of your heart

Put me, if I return

As feul to light your fire

And a washline on your house's roof

Because I've lost my strength to stand

Without the prayer of your day

I've grown old... return the stars of childhood

So I can share with the sparrow chicks

The way back

To the nest of your waiting


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