Marwa, Lebanese pop singer, started her musical career at age of eight when she learned playing the accordion at school, and singing for big Arab artists like Warda,and Shadia. She also plays the saxophone and piano

Professor Foad Awwad was of big help to her, he trained her to be able to sing the Khaligian, Lebanese, and Egyptian parlance. She is talented also in designing, modeling, and acting. She enjoys horseback riding, traveling, drawing and reading. She is different than the other artists; she has an outstanding sexy look with a perfect smile.
She has released an album titled: "Amma Naeima" with 9 songs:   Amma Naeima, Etdalaa ya Rouchdi, Machrabchi el chay, Eib ya Madiha, Etdalaa ya Aariss, Shouf Eini Malha, Khalli yitjawwaz, Ya loulei, Tayyara. And then many singles like "Tica Milla", Motrib Hanbouli", "Ta ta dam dam"…and many others.
She participated in concerts in Detroit, America where her fans reached 150 000 persons, along with many other concerts that joined Arabic and foreign fans from the whole world. She has done a special video clip for the song "Ya Khti Ya Camilla", little kids joined her in the shooting and she was dressed up like Cinderella and a small girl has sang with her. It truly shows happiness and fun. The director was Hani Faddoul. She acted in a movie "Mouhimma saaba", she has shown a star in acting. She likes to show in surprises like the song : Don't do this, Don't do that, w khsousan inta bil zat". She watched her comic movie:"Haha wa toufaha" with her audience in the movie theater. And in another movie theater , she showed after the movie in the street singing along with her fans and they crowded next her making a big scene.

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