Marwan Khoury

Marwan Khoury

 He is a singer, writer, and composer, born in Jbeil on February 2nd, 1968; he’s the Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury. His love for music pushed him to learn more about it, Marwan Khoury enrolled at the University of the Holy Spirit in Kaslik (USEK) and learned to play the piano, studied musicology and music history.

Marwan Khoury did not wait for his graduation, he was eager to release his first album in 1988. "Kasak Habibi" was the album that embraced only the name of Marwan Khoury; he wrote the lyrics, and composed the melodies and distributed the music.

After this release and in 1989 he began working as a musician and leader of a band

Marwan Khoury worked with many artists, wrote lyrics and composed music. But he did not forget himself, he launched a single song "Feek Yamma Balak" and his following works lead him to the world of fame.

From Marwan Khoury’s albums: Khayal El 3omr, Kell El Asayed, Kaser El Shoq, Ana Wel Layl…    
It is worth mentioning that Marwan Khoury won the Murex D'or Award 4 times and toured the world with concerts and festivals in the Arab countries and the whole world.    

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