Maryam Fakhry

Maryam Fakhry

 Maryam Fakhry, the Jordanian singer, was born and with her born her love for art and music. Myriam Fakhry was very attached to her land and home country and this instinctive factor pushed her to sing folk Arabic songs and traditional Arabic songs

She enjoyed listening to Samira Tawfik songs and Salwa songs.  Maryam Fakhry couldn't build her art from her childhood, but developed her talent at the first opportunity she had. She chose tradition and heritage as her start and then distributed the song "Ana Tayir" which was a great success. Maryam Fakhreh first album "7ess bee" with the media company Rotana. And she dealt with many poets, composers and renowned distributors.  Subsequently, Myriam Fakhrey was adopted as a singer in the radio and television of Egypt.  Mariam Fakhry participated in many festivals and performed numerous concerts and Arabic festivals, and of these concerts: Festival of Jordan, Jerash Festival, Festival of the Blue ... She was nicknamed "Singer of festivals."  Myriam Fakhery re-performed the Arabic song "Yama mawal al hawa" and that was for her great concern for the preservation of Jordan's heritage and the Jordanian original songs. She released a song and filmed a video clip for "Al oum Falestine" (Palestine, the mother) for her affectionate feelings toward Palestine. Maryam Fakhry recorded after a while the song "Insa Al mawdou3" with the Lebanese artist Nasser Al Assad. Maryam launched many songs with the cooperation of famous directors.  

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