Mashrou3 Leila

Mashrou3 Leila

 Mashrou3 Leila is a Lebanese band that has been created in unusual environment, or so called improvised situation. Seven students from the American University of Beirut from the Architecture and Design Department:    Firas Abou Fakher, Guitarist Omaya Malaeb, Keyboardist Hamed Sinno, Vocalist Carl Gerges, Drummer Haig Papazian, Violin Andre Chedid, Guitarist Ibrahim Badr, Bassist   Mashrou3 Leila insists on their 100% Lebanese nationality, and they collaborate with each other in the different tasks for the band's adherence

They write their own lyrics, compose their own music and seek to reach the biggest audience possible.  The band that started as a funny challenge of each others' talents became officially a known band that has been attracting interest of different parties, whether TV stations or radio stations, or individual people, and most importantly was its performance in the "Fete de la Musique" in June 2001.    Mashrou3 Leila has 14 songs in which they deal with current issues of Lebanese daily activities mixed with different kinds of music. "Raksit Leila", "Zotrine", Chems El Yasmine", Arous"…   Their Arabic music attracts the lively spirit of the youth. Everyone was wondering about Mashrou3 Leila's first album, and waiting for it impatiently.Their debut album is 7al Romacy.    Mahrou3 Leila, internationally known, based in Beirut, and best known for performing contemporary alternative Arabic music. Besides Lebanon, Mashrou3 Leila have performed in Cairo, Amman, Paris, Serbia, Montreal, Marseille, Amsterdam, and Geneva.   In May 2013, Mashrou3 Leila released their Live in Baalbeck DVD featuring the concert performed at the Baalbeck International Festival in July 2012, as well as songs from their upcoming album which they recorded in Montreal . Mahrou3 Leila DVD is available online and in stores around the middle east.  

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