May Sleem

May Sleem

 May Selim, Jordanian singer, was born in 11 November 1983 in Dubai. Her father is Jordanian and her mother is Lebanese, however Mai has been raised in Egypt where she learned dancing ballet and her talent grew in art to reveal a nice voice, where she participated in the school choir.    May Sleem had a longing inside her to join the Institute of Cinema in Egypt, but her parents didn't agree

She enrolled in the Maritime Academy where she graduated with a Business Administration degree. Just like a ball that bounces from side to side, her talent coerced to be exposed to public. Her first musical career path started by luck, in a dinner where she met the film director "Tarek Al Arian". Mai has been given the chance to audition and there she grew up so rapidly in the world of stardom.   Fame Music was the place where Mai Seleem learned all musical techniques; she has been given the chance of studying all what it takes to become a famous singer.  In 2005, Mai released her first album "Alby Byhlam" and has shot a video clip for the song holding the album's title in Beirut with the famous Lebanese director Caroline Labaky.  May Sleem has performed in many festivals and the most important one was in Sharam El Sheikh where she was the only girl singer chosen to perform in concert Craig David.    

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