Maya Nasri

Maya Nasri

Maya Hussam Asmar is Maya Nasri, who was born in Minyara - Akkar on 14th of August. After she studied in the school of Saint Famille, she moved to the Lebanese University to specialize in acting, theater and directing ..

Maya's parents objected to this type of study, but she completed her studies without being affected by the objections and she was working to provide her university fees. Maya Nasri has worked in commercial advertising, fashion show, and acted in the television series: Thalath Ayam Rahalat, Tayf El Madina, Talbin El Ereb, and acted in cinema movies and theater, all that benefited her in the field of her studies. And in addition to her work in the Lebanese Television as a presenter in the program "Al Mibiad"

Maya Nasri Began her career in 1998, through the program "Kaees el Noujoom", she have appeared in an episode in which the singer Leila Mourad was the guest ...and she won 3 cups. As a consequence, the star maker Simon Asmar embraced this talent, the talent of Maya Nasri, and presented her on the artistic field in the first album "Akhbarak Eh". Maya has been a great success and joined the stars of the Arab world.

In 2003 Maya Nasri released the album "Law Kanlak Aleb", which included many successful songs, in addition to an individual song, "Ana Bahtaglak"

Maya Nasri has always been surrounded by the support of her parents, whether from Lebanon or abroad. Despite the successes achieved by Maya Nasri, her fame did not affect her simplicity in the heart, and her modesty.

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