Mayada Al Hennawi

Mayada Al Hennawi

Mayada Hanawi was born in Halab, Syria. She began her career in 1977 as a producer for her own songs, she used to register them in Greece and edit and mix between Cairo, Damascus and Greece, but later on she dealt with the company Art World (Aalam Al Fann)

This singer who has a wonderful voice presented songs for older Arab authors, composers, and singers like Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, who gave her nostalgia, after his admiration in her beautiful voice. And do not forget Mayada also dealt with great musician Baligh Hamdi, who did not only provide the tunes, but also the words of her famous song "El Hobb Elli Kan"
This song was the base for the spread of Mayada Hinawi in the Arab world. She did not only work with the composer Baligh Hamdi on one song, but songs came one after another: Fatet Sinin, and Habbeina w Thabayna, Ana Aamel Eh, Sidi Innama ... And made other songs: Naamet El Nesyan, Awal Ma sheftak Habbaytak, Aktar min Hobb, Akher Zaman, Ahlou Omri, Hiya El Layali Kida …and other songs that have come together to work with many of the poets and composers of known musicians like Farouk Salama, Mohammad Sultan, Ammar Al Sharbaii , Omar Bticha, Ibrahim Mers and others ...

Following up to the music of the times and the start to deal with it, Mayada began a new phase of performance, releasing the album "Ghayyrt Hayati" collaborating with composer Sammy Alkhefnawi. After this change, her fans has increased, including the new young audience who were impressed by this move. And she followed the evolution of art and shoot many video clips of songs like: "Ana Mokhlisa lak, Ghayrt Hayati, Jalak Kalami...

Mayada's musical career has been marked by impressive success, and through her development, she was able to join the largest fans mass, be they old or young, the older generation or the young generation ...

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