Melhem Barakat

Melhem Barakat

Singer and composer nicknamed Al Mousicar, senior Lebanese and Arab musician: Melhem Barakat.
Melhem Barakat was born in Kafrshima in April 1944, he was a professional carpenter, and music was his hobby

Melhem Barakat's father used to play on the lute, he used to attract Melhem with his humming and watched him thoroughly to focus and learn, and whenever his father went out of the house, Melhem used to play and the boys in the neighborhood would meet around him and from that time he was entitled "The village's singer".
Before drawing the attention of the musician "Halim  El Roumi", who adopted him  and encouraged his talent, Melhem Barakat, has shown his talent in school and he was the author of numerous achievements, like composing some of the words that were in daily newspaper, and sang it in school on one occasion. Melhem Barakat was also the first to compose an anthem for the school of Kafrshima.

Despite the appearance of Melhem Barakat's talent which was clear, his father refused to allow him to learn music. But Melhem Barakat insisted, and enrolled in the National Institute of Music without the knowledge of his father. But he soon became aware of it and his father had to accept it anyway. Melhem Baraket learned music and learned to play the lute, but he left the institute before ending his studies and joined the Al-Rahbani theater for four years. Later on, he left them to go his own way, and appeared as an independent musician who sparkled in all is works.

After learning the lute, Melhem Barakat taught, when he was 22 years, playing the lute, and began the great artistic pathway, which included songs in the plays of Al Rahbani. Melhem played the main role in a play, "Rabih Al sabee" this work was the second to him, it had preceded the play "Al Amira Zmerrod" (Princess Emerald).

Melhem Barakat composed songs for many artists like: Wadih Al Safi, Samira Said, Sabah, Majida Al Roumi, Walid Tawfik,.... And went to a new experience, the experience of cinema, and he starred main role in the movie "Hobbi La yamout" (My Love never dies).

Melhem Barakat sang only in the Lebanese dialect and that was for the fulfillment of those Lebanese musicians who made the history of Lebanese songs which spread to Arab countries and all foreign countries. Melhem Barakat's songs archived in numerous distinguished songs, his songs were famous by their creative style. He sang traditional songs, and renewable songs: Aala Babi waef amaren, Rouhi Ya Rouhi, El Aazab, Habaytik w bhibik, Sallem aleha ya hawa, zouhour el amar, ma thezzi kboush el touti, rouhi shoufi yali habouki, el farek ma benak w beni, kil ma sheft tneyn, erjaiili, ya samti ya maazabni...

Melhem Barakat has a distinct personality and he's in continuous uninterrupted progress.

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