Michel Fadel

Michel Fadel

 Michel Fadel, Lebanese Musician, or so called: Musical Encyclopedia was born on February 10, 1976. Michel has been influenced by his father Fouad Fadel, a famous Lebanese musician

At the age of 8 years, Michel participated in a Youth competition and won first prize. His appearances in concerts while he was still young built his musical personality until he started his career in 1996.  Michel Fadel started working as a music composer; he composed music jingles for ads and TV programs. He took part in advertising agencies and in the direction of films.    Michel Fadel graduated from the higher National Musical Conservatory of Beirut in 1998 and earned his Master Degree in classic piano.  His love to music pushed him to learn playing the harmony and fugue. Michel also continues his studies furthermore in Bologna Conservatory. And his valuable achievement was winning first place as Grand Champion Instrumentalist of the Year 2000 in World Championship of Performing Arts. Michel Fadel has been very successful and musically talented, but he hasn't been famous until he showed on LBC as a jury member in Star Academy through all its seasons. His passion to music and great achievements are remarkably appreciated by Arab singers whom he has composed music for their songs. And his piece of art was the extraordinary hymn for the Formula 1 grand prix.  Michel Fadel released his first album in 2007 entitled Casablanca.       

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