Mirage Band

Mirage Band

 Mirage Band is a Jordanian Arabic band. Wael Abou Nawaar was the singer who created Mirage Band with his childhood friend, Jamal AlTaher

Mirage Band was founded in 1980 and is now considered the most famous Arab band.    Of Mirage Band's founding members: the artist, Aida Abu Nouwar and Soheir Aoude, who later on quit Mirage band.  Mirage Band started singing in English and broadcasted its songs on Radio Jordan, English songs like: My own, On the run, We own the world.    Mirage band started releasing Arabic songs in 1988, when it first filmed the first Arabic video clip song entitled: "Takoul Ahwak". This Arabic song has helped achieve great success in the Arab world from Jordan and abroad.    Mirage Band has also participated in the singing of Arabic Cartoon movies, of these songs:Sarkha, Law7ati Al ra2i3a, Ansah, Lady Lady, Fatat Al Mara3i, Karyat Al Tout, Basit, AlFawakeh, Nosef batal, Hikayat min Al Shark … and many other songs.    Mirage Band is still continuing today with releasing Arabic albums, Mirage Band 2008 Album under the title: "Ila Mata" with 8 Arabic songs performed by Aida Abu Nouwar.  

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