Mohamed Qwaider

Mohamed Qwaider

Mohammed Qweider, Jordanian singer, born on the 23rd of March 1985. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister

His career was Aviation Engineering before he became a candidate in Star Academy season 5.
His grandfather, a musician in the Jordanian Armed Forces, encouraged him to enter the musical field...because he believed in him and with all the potentials he has.
Mohammed Qweider has a very strong voice; he is very talented with all that is related to music. He writes, composes, and plays music. He has shown all his capacities during the 4 months he spent in Star Academy. Though he has an aggressive personality, quickly gets angry and has been into many arguments with the other candidates in Star Academy but he also shows sensitive behavior, spontaneity and light hearted. He loves acting and one of his dreams is to become an actor. 

He enjoys singing and playing his guitar while surrounded by nature and watching animals. He is an active singer, loves sports in general especially swimming and horseback riding.
Mohammad Qweider persuades brotherhood and friendship in his relationship with others. He is a straightforward person who hates fake people. His ambition in life is to be a successful singer who pleased people with his art music and talents.
During the Star Academy program, he was nicknamed "Qweider Man" and has made many songs during his days in the academy and the most known "The Nominees Song".
In 2008, Mohammed Qweider released a song entitled "Kelma bi kelma".

In the past years, it became noticeable that Jordanian singers are forcing their existence in the Arabic music world. Though Qweider didn’t win first place in Star Academy but his strong work and persistence to be become famous lead him to be a successful singer and established numerous fans.

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