Mohammad Abdo

Mohammad Abdo

The Arab singer Mohammed Abdu was born in the city Dareb , in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 6-12-1949. After early orphan hood that tent on the life of Muhammad Abdou, he spent his childhood in the orphanage, and that was one of the factors that influenced his personality and character

He joined "The Secondary Institute of Industry " in Jeddah, and received a diploma in art and industry, but he worked in a post office after graduation. This great singer is married and has seven children. In the heart of Muhammad Abdo, there was a place for the love of singing; in his childhood he loved sad dramatic songs symbolizing a tribute to his tragic childhood.

The composer Omar Kadres discovered his talent, after having participated in a TV program of amateur in Saudi Arabian TV in the early sixties, and he announced Mohammad's adoption in the musical world.

The Saudi and Gulf people knew Mohammad Abdu through his song "Aallel Albi", and "Sakabt Dmouu El Ein". But in 1967 the song "Lana Allah" was the song that helped re-launch the real and Mohammad Abdo. 1971 was the year of the broader proliferation of Muhammad Abduh, through 2 songs "Lee Thalath Ayyam" and "Ashoufak kol Yom" and many other songs.

Mohamed Abdou went too far in his musical life, cutting off the border with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to penetrate the borders of all countries of the Arab world. And through this journey Mohamed Abdou released many successful albums and popular songs thathave been echoed in the Arab world.

After this, and with the cooperation of the company "Sawt El Jazeera" , four albums were launched: Erfaa sitar El Khajal, OUyoun El leil, El Remsh El Tawil, Hala Ya Abou Sheer Thayer.
After these successful songs, Mohammad Abdu suddenly decided to retire from singing emotional songs, a thing that kept rising question marks about his decision for months and even years. He not only retired from singing at concerts, but also retired from releasing albums and songs that were already prepared. And the final decision was to retire from singing between 1989 and 1997, but in this period, Muhammad Abduh performed a number of national songs, and it was performed in special religious and national event, songs such as: Wakfet Hak, Hal Al Tawhid, Ya Batal …and others.

And he returned again to his audience in 1997 to fill the emptiness that had been left in his fans' hearts. 5 albums released between 1989 and 1997, which made him be the first Arab artist to make this number in one year.
Mohamed Abdou presented 3 albums of Abha festival ceremony in the summer of 1998 in addition to the many concerts he had to also participate in.

Over the years, Mohamed Abdo made many albums. And also sang different colors Chaabiyat, musical heritage, Yamani, Hegazi ...
Mohammad Abdo won several awards and honors.

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