Mohammad Fouad

Mohammad Fouad

Mohamed Fouad Abd El Hamid Hassan , Egyptian, born on the 20th of December, 1961 in Cairo. He spent his childhood in Helwan and grew in a family with 7 brothers and 3 sisters

He rose into fame on 1980. He's not only a singer, but also an actor and songwriter. He liked to listen to old songs of great people of the Arab world like Abdel Halim Hafez , Oum KalthoumFarid Al Atrash …and he may has gotten his sense and feeling in singing from these great legends. You can sense true emotions growing from his heart when you hear his voice, such great sensitivity. His talent grew while he participated and was enrolled in singing and acting. Ezat Abou Auf discovered him. His first album entitled "Habeina" was a true success and the beginning of his popularity.  And he has done a video clip for a song in his first album which is "Hawadaak". And he grew more famous along with his albums 'Fe Elseka', 'Hawed', 'Khefet Damo', 'Yani', 'Esaali', 'Soltan Zamani', 'Meshena', 'Sheka Beka', 'Habena', 'Kamannana', 'Hairan', 'Elhob Elhakeki', 'Albi w Rohi w Omri', 'Elalb Eltayeb', 'Keber Elgharam', 'Shareni', 'Habebi Ya', and his latest album "Wala Nos Kelma". His choice of songs played the major role in increasing his fans. He's not limited to a specific kind; he has got a variety of styles, and this is what distinguishes him from others and make him glow as a true star.
His passion for the cinema showed well in his various movies. We mention " Amrica Shika Bika", followed by "Al Qalb Wa Ma Yaashaq", through the film "Ismaileya Rayeh Gay"," Rehlet Hob", "Howa Fi Eih", and last "Ghawi Hob". In each movie separately he has played special roles leaving a great impact on the audience.

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