Mohammad Hamaki

Mohammad Hamaki

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Hamaki was born in 4/11/1975 in Cairo, Egypt. He has one brother

His professional career started when he started singing in choral accompanying recordings of albums for famous stars, he took this opportunity as a wide experience in singing.

Hamaki was discovered for the first time by the music distributor Tarek Madkour and he released his first album entitled "Khalini Niish" and has achieved through it remarkable success. Then off to Mohamed Hamaki to make the second album, "Kholes El Kalam" which not only achieved success, but just more than this, the great success of all. And we also recall the album "Bahibak Koul Yom Aktar" and  "Nawiyeha". He also released many video clips for successful songs like "Bitedhak".

When he was young, he dreamt to become a football player and enroll only to the National team, but he has never imagined himself a famous star, and that everyone would talk about him, and a successful singer, and one of the most successful singers in the Arab world.

Regarding his emotional life, Hamaki loved a girl for a period of 8 years, she could not be more patient on him at that moment and she decided to step on this love and to marry another guy. He felt shocked and big sadness showed through long time, but that earned him a success in his artistic life, and he dedicated for her the song "Ma Kdarsh Ansak".

Mohammed Hamaki, the young star shined to the Arab World,  and has proven his talent and was shown in his warm voice and wonderful music. This singer who has great artistic intelligence, and modesty, and control of the fame and stardom, still remains a star and continues to ascend and ascend on the ladder of fame to reach the summit of glory.

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