Mostafa Amar

Mostafa Amar

 Mustafa Amar was born in Alexandria. Since his childhood, Mustafa Amar loved singing at school concerts; and upon reaching the university stage, Mustafa Amar has become well known and was constantly asked to perform in university parties.    After the numerous offers he got, Mustafa Amar moved and lived in Cairo where he got great significance after a TV interview through which he was introduced to the public.  Mostafa Amar has released numerous Arabic songs and albums: Sikkat el 3ashikin, Liman Yahoumouhou l Amer, Nar el Hobb, Tal el leil, 3enek Wa7shani, 7ayati, Rou7i, Mounaya, Ensi, Hobbak nar, Bhabbek ana Kaman.   Mostafa Amar sang in many concerts and festivals, and at the various theaters of Egypt and the Arab countries; the public interact with him and sing fervently all his songs.    Setting the music world aside, Mustafa Amar also worked in cinema movies and on the big screens

He acted in several Arabic films and also participated in Arabic television series. Some films in which Mustafa Amar acted: Albatal, Al Hobb el Awwal, As7ab Walla business, Aleb Jari2, Bhebbak w ana Kaman, Hobbak Nar, Harim Karim, 3isabet Dr. Omar    Mustafa Amar succeeded in singing and acting, and is still continuing in his successful artistic career, rising as a pop star and movie star as well.  

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