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Algerian music spread among different styles of music, it joins in it musical history, Andalusia songs, African songs, and its popular style: the Algerian Rai songs. The Algerian folk songs are called zindalli and hofii. 

The Algerian music was a combination of Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures that intertwined.

The modern popular music is the Algerian Shaabi songs, El Hachemi Guerouabi is a musician and reformer of the Chaabi classical style. 

And the most popular is the Rai Algerian music that joins French songs and Spanish songs with the Arabic songs. It is more or less, a cultural expression that deals with various issues about the society and politics. Algerian Rai singers chant with a rebellious tone. However it deals with all that the community doesn’t talk about. They include simple lyrics that are dealt with in the streets, in a cherry sound, creative and energetic. From a wide list of Rai Algerian singers, we mention Cheb Mami, Cheb Khaled, Cheb Taha, Rashid Taha and the French Algerian singer Faudel.

Kabylian music, relates to the people of Kabylia in Algeria, influenced by African music, they use musical instruments like banjo, guitar and violin and sing in the Berber spoken language. 

Algerian Staifi music has been a trendy music performed in Algerian song festivals, originally derived from Constantine. This kind of music is mostly accompanied by musical instruments like the keyboard.

The Arabic Algerian oriental song is mostly referred to the great Algerian singer: Warda El Jazairiya 

Algerian music is most popular in European countries like France and Spain since Algeria has been mandated by these countries for a long period of time, and their cultures have been mixed and a great proof is their music. The Algerian songs are portrayed by their rich language and composition of music. You can search on Google.DZ if you did not find what you were looking for on this page.




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