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The Bahraini music is known in the Arab world as a group of Arabic music types like Khaliji music, Fidjeri, Liwa, Sawt, Bharaini hip hop… The most musical instruments are the Oud, Rababa and Tabel. 

Khaliji songs are not only limited to Bahrain, but expands also to other Arab states like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and UAE. This Arabic music is distinguished by the use of Tabel (drum) and the Oud. It is said that it is influenced so much by the African songs especially with the utilization of heavy beats.

Fidjeri music is a male pearl diver of Bahrain who performs musical repertoires and at the same time the chorus claps, plays on drums and dances with water jars.

Liwa music is an eastern African music type and African dance. People gather in a circle and centered by drums and mizmar. It is a casual type of music that is performed by the young generations. It starts calmly and then ascends its beats to create a vibrant party.  

Sawt music is a type of urban songs that combine African songs, Indian songs and Persian rhythms, usually performed at night gatherings.

Bharaini hip hop songs are especially performed by young trendy musicians. The most known in the Bahraini hip hop is DJ Outlaw. And several other groups who have created Arabic music bands like Al Ekhwa Band , Al Shomou Band, Sultaneez Band

The Bahrain International Music festival has become a yearly tradition since 1992.  It emphasizes not only the presence of Bahraini participants, but also hosting musicians and singers from everywhere. Here lies the importance of interaction between cultures and the openness of mentality. Each year, in November, Bahrain holds The Bahrain International Music Festival in the Bahrain Arts Theatre in Manama.

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