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Iraqi music is also known as the Mesopotamian music from Arabic music. Mesopotamian music originated from the land between the rivers, as called: Modern Iraq. The Iraqi and Mesopotamian music are influenced by the Sumerians and Iranian songs. 

Iraqi music instruments used in the Iraqi songs include the harp, lyres, lutes, drums, oud and rebaba. 
Arabic poetry is the most important art in the Arab world, and they use Arabic poetry as lyrics for their Iraqi songs. Iraqi songs are known for its repeated musical notes through the same song, and in their use of silent moments to help their vocals pitch differently.
Iraqi Maqam singers, like Nazem El Ghazali, are known for their improvised performance in the musical scale. The qanun and ney along with other musical instruments are used in the Maqam Iraqi songs.
The Iraqi pop songs date back to few centuries away. The mix between the classical Iraq songs and the modern Iraq songs is well performed by Kazem El Saher. Classical Iraqi music is also amazingly heard from Ilham Al Madfai who uses the oud during his singing. 
Naseer Shamma, the Iraqi musician, plays the oud and works through his performances not only for his love of Iraqi songs but also to raise funds for the Iraqi refugees.  
Iraqi Jazz songs have been lately brought to light. Due to the war and acculturation between America and Iraq, new Iraqi jazz musicians have appeared. The interaction between classical songs and jazz songs nourishes the Iraqi music, just as Amir El Saffar raises the Iraqi Jazz music to the world. 
Modern Iraqi singers embrace the winner of Star Academy Shaza Hassoun, and the Iraqi singer Majid Al Mohandes.  

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