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The Jordanian music is mostly known by its yearly Jerash festival. Jordan welcomes in its ancient Greek Roman city many singers from the Arab world to perform in the Jerash festival, it has become a yearly ritual for more than 25 years.

When you hear "Petra" and "Wadi Rum", you directly think of Jordan; and when you hear "Bedouin songs" you surely associate it for the country Jordan. Since Jordan is almost all a desert, its people are characterized by their strong and fierce personalities. Jordanian strong personalities are translated to Bedouin music in the Jordanian culture. The Bedouin music is mostly based on Arabic poetry. The importance of the Jordanian songs highlights the presence of poetry in first place, and then could be accompanied by a musical instrument such as the rababa, and mijwis. Omar Al Abdalat, and Diana Karazon (from SuperStar TV program) are well-known for the Bedouin style.

It's true that Jordan is identified by the Bedouin , rural and zajal songs, this doesn’t mean it has not been onto the road of improvement and openness. Jordanian songs are influenced so much by the western music. Tareq Al Nasser group who leads the Rum band has a western domination in his Arabic songs.

The younger generation that sings Arabic pop songs are more dynamic, Jordanian singers like Toni Kattan, Rania Al Kurdi, Hani Mitwassi, Mohamed Qwaider (from Star Academy-Season 5), Gharam and May Sleem.

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