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The Kuwaiti culture is identified by its people who are music lovers. Though the people of Kuwait have undergone into many wars and this has altered their music traditions and native music, but they struggled to fight for their Arabic music. 
Eastern African music and Indian music has influenced the Kuwaiti songs. Liwa and Fann Al Tanbura are two kinds of East African music sang in the Kuwaiti society.
Traditional Kuwaiti songs use mirwas and clapping in the Arabic song composition. Kuwaiti female singers join together and sing in celebrations.
Modern music of Kuwait is called Sawt, an urban music accompanied bu oud and violin as musical instruments. It is mostly sung at night gathering when men perform a Kuwaiti dance called Zaffan. Nabil Shaeil and Abdullah El Rwaished sing this type of popular Kuwait songs.  
Pop Kuwaiti songs in Kuwait has been seen often in Kuwaiti bands like Miami band, and Guitara band.
As the Arabic music revolution is nonstop, so are the Kuwaiti songs that recently hold the Kuwait rock songs. Though many critics stood against the Arabic rock music, but many international bands have been performing rock songs in Kuwait, rock jazz songs, soft jazz songs, but rarely can you hear heavy metal music. SwitchBack is a Kuwaiti rock music band that joins six musicians simply longing to reach the world with their Arabic music.     
Bashar El Shatti, a Kuwaiti singer, who has came to fame through the Lebanese music program Star Academy, broadcasted on LBC, has struggled with the Kuwaiti society and their hard acceptance of the real TV programs.

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