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The Lebanese music has been very well known for its oriental and European mix. It falls into many genres and various categories and is characterized by the oriental instruments that are used for expressing love and processes tremendously varied means of expressions. The music has defined the Lebanese culture and has developed its identity.

Traditional Lebanese songs use in its Arabic music composition instruments such as the Oud that has a warm timbre; the Derbake, a hand-drum, usually conical or vase-shaped, may be made of pottery or metal and the Nay that is capable of producing dynamic and tonal inflections whose usage has been attributed to shepherds, but it is, in fact, an urban instrument; and the Daff generally a small tambourine often used alongside the Tablah typically by the performers of sung folk Arabic poetry (Zajal).

 Zajal is mostly a spontaneous musical debate between Zajjaaleh (poets). Some well known Lebanese zajjaaleh include Zaghloul alDamour, Moussa Zgheib, and many other very well known Arabic names.

The rhythm of the Arabic music is so powerful and this makes people involved emotionally and make them lose the sense of time. And that’s what generates what we call “tarab” as it is described as an art of Arabic music, with an elevated potential voice. Lebanese singers who sing tarab: Wadih El Safi, Zaki NasifSabah, Melhem Baraket…and many others.

 The most famous and listened to Lebanese singer is  Fairuz whose Arabic songs are broadcasted every morning on most Arabic radio stations and many Arabic TV channels. While some Lebanese singers like Najwa Karam and Assi El Helani remain devoted to the traditional Arabic music known as 'Jabali' (from the mountains), while many other artists integrate western style into their Arabic songs like many Lebanese musicians and Lebanese singers who are well known in the Arab world, Europe and United States…and have roamed the world with their tours just like Majida El Roumi, Elissa, Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe, Ragheb Alama, Wael KfouryCarole SamahaMarwan KhouryAmal Hijazi, Myriam Fares … Lebanese singers were influenced by foreign music too ... and began the Lebanese rock songs or rap songs like Ghassan Rahbani, 3aks El Ser, Jad ChoueiriMeen the Lebanese Rock Band, Mashrou3 Leila, Adonis

Lebanese singers performed a broad array of themes in the history of Lebanese songs, they sang for all the reasons of this world…they have their dreams to accomplish through all the achievements they are attaining. Lebanese Festivals and Lebanese concerts are always organized throughout the year, like Baalbeck International Festival, Beiteddine Festival, Al Bustan Winter Festival in Beit Mery.

The Lebanese music goals have no limits, The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra was founded in late 1999 under the guidance of Dr. Walid Gholmieh…has presented more than 60 performances. And the most famed programs lately is Star Academy broadcasted on LBC who has already bought up many stars like: Leila Eskandar, Joseph Atieh, Shaza Hassoun

At the end, we wouldn't forget the importance of the Lebanese Rahbani brothers and what they have contributed to the Lebanese culture and music, carried by the voice of the legendary Fairuz, whose music does not die and will remain forever engraved in the mind and heart.

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