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As the Libyan music derives from the African music, it mixes within it the Arabic music due to the massive Arab people who live there.

Libya is a Sahara and embraces the most, traditional folk music. Tuareg is a region in Libya that is known with its Libyan songs history. Traditional songs like Asak and Tisiway are performed by Libyan women. Takamba refers to the kind of music sang by the Berber people. 
Music instruments used in the Libyan songs consist of zokra, tambourine, oud, darbuka, and flute.
Of the popular Libyan musical festivals is the Ghat festival in Aghat and the Ghadames Berber and Tuareg Festival.  
Pop Lybian songs have also been part of the Libyan Arabic music. Ayman El Aatar is the winner in Super Star, year 2004. He sings pop Arabic songs.

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