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Music of Oman is not just related to the culture, it is a vital element in the religion, society, politics, and economy. Oman's history is traced with Omani folk music that deals with issues about the Omani way of living.

The musical instruments used in the music of Oman are split into two categories, those that produce rhythm, and those that form a melody. However, Omani songs are characterized by concentrating the most on the voice of the singer, with little help from the musical composition.
Omani drums are carefully produced and they pay much attention to the kind of wood the drum is made of. Oman musicians play on double-skinned drums or single-skinned drums.      
Traditional Omani songs falls into many types and all accompanied by special Omani dances, the overall musical composition define the Omani heritage and traditions and relates it to the Arabic songs. 
Arabic music in Oman hasn’t been changing a lot ever since it existed, and the Omani songs are always in complexity. 
The Islamic civilization was the basis of the music in Oman, in addition to the effect of its neighboring countries and borders like East African, Egypt and Lawatia. Arab Maqam music has been performed by many Oman singers to preserve the Arab origin and Arab Shaabi songs.

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